MiG Moving

Comes standard, with every move:


Handling of any objects under 300lb free of extra fees

Wrap and moving blankets (furniture protection)

Wardrobe boxes

Runners (floor covers)


Tools and special features

Assembly/dismantling of any kind of furniture

Furniture positioning

Skilled handling, Property damage avoidance

Clear pricing, and no surprise charges ever



Tools that we use to save you money.

A single power-drill may save up to a half an hour when taking apart a bed or a bulky IKEA dresser.
To avoid use of inefficient manual screwdrivers, we carry a wide variety of screw-bits.
This tool can come real handy, when dealing with hard-to -reach nuts or screws.
Ratchet-wrenches work faster then regular wrenches. We have them.
This device is called shoulder-dolly. It is used for heavy and awkward items, when usual dolly cannot be utilized.
We come prepared!


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