MiG Moving

Comes standard, with every move:


Handling of any objects under 300lb free of extra fees

Wrap and moving blankets (furniture protection)

Wardrobe boxes

Runners (floor covers)


Tools and special features

Assembly/dismantling of any kind of furniture

Furniture positioning

Skilled handling, Property damage avoidance

Clear pricing, and no surprise charges ever


Some standard and extra features on our truck, designed to maximize our efficiency.

Loading ramp. If a truck does not have one - it is not a moving truck.

In combination with lift-gate, loading ramp maximizes its versatility, as it can be positioned at any angle.

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Lift-gate, or loading lift serves to elevate or descend heavy objects, as well as loaded dollies onto the truck/ground.

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Our truck comes with a front-mounted bike-rack fit for four bikes.

Our truck has two additional outside cargo-boxes.

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Having right tools for the job determines quality and efficiency. Our truck carries a large variety of tools needed to get the job done just right!

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